Hello PTA!!

First of all, I would like to thank a special lady for helping me, guiding me, no, being there whilst I set this thing up!!

All the while asking how on I could even TRY to do this sort of thing on a phone! The answer, easy, blackberry!! Like a magical lantern showing you the way to all that is good… 😉

Moreover, if you understand if I say ‘limited means’!!

However, returning to my title, PTA..

Yes, a magical land consistent of tranquil valleys and golden fields, wastelands and rocky mountains, glistening lakes and naked people, that is if you live inside your head, like me.. 😀

Serious, though, the hustle and the bustle, the one directional horrors, cars and lights and tall buildings, it all comes down to one thing (being a ‘plattelander’ like me) – a HOLIDAY!!

Yes, yes, exchanging silence and deprivation for energy and abundance – without the fear of ever leaving your comfort zone behind – except when walking in the confines of an all people you can see shopping mall (I wear the experience thereof, and let me tell you, SO 5min ago!!)

My greatest fear – actually number four on my list of phobias – is getting lost in such an expansive place without the knowledge of getting out! I mean, imagine if you will yourself a tourist cruising the streets of New York, New York, checking out the sights and numerous sites with this goofy smile plastered across your face, when this stranger raps on your door, asking for a lift to some unintelligible destination, begging you to take him to his wife giving birth to their first child, yelling at you to drive faster while you’re desperately clinging to the hope that you’re driving in the correct lane, crying of relief when he orders you to stop, and….


He ups and leaves you with this sense of the uncanny, wondering whether you will ever see sunny South-Africa alive again! He leaves you there, stranded with an overflowing tank of gas, contemplating whether to just shut down or TRY to find your way back..

That is if you’re too stubborn to ask for directions, or more logical, too scared to even look at anyone bearing the resemblance of your worst nightmare… Or your childhood neighbor, uncle Abie!

In conclusion, whether exaggerating or not, being within that throbbing embrace of a city, new adventures might loom as high as its buildings, new experiences that might just change your life! Forget the fears, confront them, and you’ll see that glens and mountains I was talking about!!

In another conclusion, knowing that the difference between cities and the flat lands had already been discovered, had already been theorized and forgotten, this is MY opportunity to explore those theories at my own leisurely pace. Who knows, maybe a lifetime of fields and cows and small towns covered in feathers every time a car runs over a chicken might just be the contradiction of the century!!



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