Morning Shadows

…it’s a convoluted series of eidolons that starts with the edges of the windows, silently paints across our walls and hides underneath and next to objects within easy reach, lying dormant in wait of . . . what, exactly??

Shadows have been an archaic entity that only comes out during the night, of course, entities that only prevails when there is no light, of any kind, to diminish their nocturnal reign! Shadows are inherent cowards and flees whenever danger approaches, cowering within the farthest reaches of a room, their presence constant and never ending, like an abundant flowing mass of oil poured into a retractable mold. That is, until the sun appears just above the rim of the horizon…

Now, as in all things literate one has come to know in all the comparisons there are between humans and all that is inanimate to what is alive to what is infinitely more substantial, and although shadows are not based on solidity, in its own power, it contains that solid quality that makes it stronger than anything else in the world. Some of those qualities, if you look very closely, even adds up to those we find in most people…

Ruler of all that is night, it flows and expands, it envelopes and carries within those who only hunt within its shelter, away from prying eyes… It’s a leader and a brother, it’s everything except that there is no alluring quality to bring those of the light towards its bosom, as ugly and straight forward as it is…

Shadows are also harmless. As I said before, their cowardice explains their cowering whenever light approaches, but in its heart it always tries to fight back, always hovers where the last ray ends, always present, always there, never quite vanquished…

And then you open your eyes… 😉


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