Department of Labor – Musical Chairs

It’s fun, that is, if you decided to spend the day with someone you can relate to, conversation-wise.

It reminds me of my childhood sunday school when, after all the grownups went home after church, you would go into your small classroom in various parts of the church hall, and the teacher would stand there, smiling at you (TRYING to tell us something with that gesture) informing the class that it’s musical chairs time……

….I mean, it’s almost the same…

As children, the teacher would place a few chairs back to back, always more children than there are chairs, and on and on… So you got the chairs and you’re playing and the songs are cute and all the children are laughing, all within the limits that game consists of.

Now you get the department of labor offices, you walk in with this bout of expectancy, not that you might expect anything great, just, it’s your first time and you expect…anything you want!!

And nothing -_-

This vile green streak of paint plastered on the upper most part of the wall and a black, red and yellow pattern painted to make it seem more homey?? I don’t get it… You have plain printed paper notices pasted to the walls, very unimpressive…. And we wondered, what the hell has abortion got in relation to UIF application??

Moving on…

You have your classmates ready (heads bobbing up and down, shaking left to right, all with the same sullen expressions) and you go sit next to them on this ugly chairs. Let the games begin…..

Sometimes you skip a few chairs, with the idea of playing something childish like E.T – Playbox, which I actually have on my phone, while switching chairs in this grueling wait to be served!! It’s silent chaos everywhere, and then just plain chaos… Then, when you think the fun has finally ended, you have this new procedure you have to follow before you can go up a level (like a bloody playstation game – alas, the musical chairs did not end as yet, this teacher is gonna let us play our life away)

And the grand finale, someone next to you with a newborn on her lap and pulls out this enormous blob of a breast, spilling it onto the baby’s face, smothering the infant, and me almost going into palpitations of shock all the while my companion laughs at the whole ordeal…

Musical chairs is ruined for me, thank you, department of labor…..

I’ll never speak of you again…!!


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