Nightmares that Kill

At about 04h57 this morning I woke up to a horrible nightmare that induced such a sudden flood of tears that I had to get out of bed, (which I hate, of course, given the time this took place) to go to the bathroom to clear my face of tears and other disgusting excrements that I did not know I contained within my nasal canal…..

Moving on, this nightmare was unlike any other that I never had, more vivid than any dream that I never remember, and more horrifying than any horror flick I have never seen as yet, with a cast that consisted of my whole family and three strangers who would be the ultimate fault to my dream’s terrifying conclusion.

I was the first victim who befell the cruel intentions of three unidentifiable strangers, (given dreams never contain strangers, it must have been somebody I only noticed) holding me captive in my own home. The second my family arrived home, they scattered into the day, leaving behind the echo’s of maniacal laughter… The next instant, me and my family went out for a movie, (my older sister declined, and stayed home with her only daughter and eldest son), and after we returned home, we knew something was wrong… Terribly wrong.

As is with fate, it was my brother-in-law and me who came across the three corpses floating in the bathtub, their skin as sickly gray-blue as anyone can imagine, cold and still, utterly lifeless and naked, vulnerable, although, the unmistakable tranquility that adorned my sister and her two beloved children’s faces was enough to bring me out of my dream state into awakening, into such an influx of raw love and pain and shock, that I burst out crying without the strength and will to stop… All the while remembering that eerie laughter that captivated my fears!

One time before, I suffered a panic attack whilst sleeping, and that night I dreamt about my sister’s life being threatened by someone blanketed by dark shadows bearing a gun…

I tried to reach my sister this morning, but her phone just ceased to be by some other means, and her best friend told me that nothing happened to them, and that nothing will ever happen to them while she’s around! It’s good to know that there will always be someone to watch over them, for my sister and her family is the family I never had, and by losing them, any one of them, I would be devastated….

Someone told me today that he did not understand why I had to have a problem with the nightmare, for it was only just a nightmare. Nevertheless, to me it was much more than that. To me it was an omen sent to make me more aware of the times we live in, more aware of the precious times we have left with loved ones and how easily they can ‘cease to be’.

Carpe Diem, never forget! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nightmares that Kill

  1. Good heavens!!
    What a horrible thing to dream of!!
    Get what you say about carpe diem – we tend to forget that we can end up losing those most important to us, without ever saying that we love them…
    Hope the same does not happen tonight!
    Bonne nuit 😉

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