Weekend Theme – Birth Poem

Instead of writing in paragraph, I decided to entertain this weekend’s theme with a little poetry… 😀

I hope you like… 😉


As the gilded moon rise unto the heavens,
and watch as mother slowly count her kin,
it smiles and says polite, “how many may there be?
for I have never seen so much skin.”

Cradling a tummy as big and round as the earth,
the mother placed her gaze upon the moon,
squinting as she did, her nose in the air,
she replied, “do you not know of this here boon?

“A few for the loveliest season of spring,
When blossoms do fill that cloudless day,
All gaily and sweet and willful and strong,
But easily temptation might wish them astray.

“A few for the warmest season of summer,
little darling balls of energy and fluff,
Only to see them play warms this mother-heart,
But still temptation might come rap with a bluff.

“A few for the murkier season of autumn,
An intelligent lot and smarter than the other,
With books and charts and plans and silence,
They adhere to the wishful sound of their mother.

“A few for the coldest season of our here winter,
Menacing, oh yeah, and mischievous and cruel,
Their calculating gaze as freezing as empty,
They would never obey to their mother’s rule.

“Then there are those in between, my dear moon,
Misplaced little angels without a care in this place,
Scattered about under my big-enormous bosom,
living off the fruit of my motherly grace.”

As the mother ended her fascinating tale,
The moon only watched as she expanded her girth,
and out came another series of offspring galore,
across her face the satisfaction of giving to birth.

Morning comes when sun slides past the moon,
he closes his eye and slowly shake his head,
every morning sun becomes a witness to this,
and bid moon farewell as he glides into bed.



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