Mothers From Hell

Some are sweet…
Some are kind…
Some are annoying…


…there are those that give meaning to the word ‘cruel’!!

I see a lot of people every day, and by a lot, I mean the whole world. Old people, young people, middle-aged, fat, skinny, super skinny, skeletons, adult babies, complainers, funnies, wannabe’s, emotional, gay, hunchbacks, scary lesbians, sexy lesbians…

…last but not the least…

…cruel MOTHERS!

A little girl, barely six with long brown hair, fair skin with a beautiful smile that carries the weight of her mother’s world on her shoulders when she picks up a sweet, an interesting sucker that lights up when you push a small yellow button, to show it to her mom. Now, as all kids want all the wonderful things a shop has to offer, this little girl did NOT pick up that candy to beg her mom to buy it for her. She just wanted to show her how beautiful it looks when lit.

The mother’s reaction: “Put down that candy, for God’s sake!!” and she slaps the little girl across the upper back so hard that the sound still reverberates in my ears.

The girl’s reaction: She gently places the candy where it belong, smile at the store in a sweet manner that only possesses the ability to want to make you cry, smiling up at her mom, and leaves the store to stand outside, waiting.

I mean…what the hell was that for????????

Another incident…

A mother and two little girls by the cash register when the mother picked up a candy bar and gave it to one of the girls. Me watching the other girl, she closely watches this turn of events with a puzzled look on her face. She jerked on her mother’s shirt and asked politely if she was going to get one, as well.
The mother only takes her bags of shopping and head out the door without even bothering to give an answer…

Seriously? Did that bitch just ignore her little girl asking for a candy bar whilst the other one stuffed her face? What is wrong with these women?

Another incident…

A mother, probably R2 short of bankruptcy, dirty to the bone with a swollen eye due to some kind of infection, most definitely, picks up conversation. During those few spoken words she mentioned that her little boy gave her that infection.

Her little boy gave her that infection? How? Looking at her? She looking at him too long? All the while not even bothering to keep her own ass clean?

I got so mad I started cursing, walking up and down and yelling to all that could hear of how sick that woman made me. She was gone by that time, I hate confrontations and avoid it best I can. Still, these women who bring life into this world and treat their own children like vermin, sickens me to the stomach. Who in hell do they think they are treating innocent children like that, shaping their world with dirty looks and blatant ignorance?

Never in my life do I hope to see anything like that ever again, for I can relate to those sad little kids with mother’s from hell, I had a step-mom who took pleasure in crushing my soul.

To all those mothers who enjoy their kids, thank you!!
To all who don’t, go to hell!!


One thought on “Mothers From Hell

  1. No!!!
    That’s just so sad!
    And it seems to happen more often than not.
    I hope you see a loving mom today G – and realise that, even though your mom is not with you all the time, I’m sure she’s in your heart? Somewhere?
    Barring that, you have friends that can try to make a difference…

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