Blue Tree-(www.pictsel.com)A great word. Grow forth and be plenty, nurture and protect. Nature is splendid, it’s full of ideal mystery and it’s self-sustaining. For the aspects of life-giving and nurturing qualities, ancients has dubbed earth ‘mother’ and worshipped goddesses who associated with fertility, fecundity and agricultural bounty, therefore earth was personified as a woman, which is true, in all regards. Patience, giving, absorbing, understanding, vain. Just as I remember my own mother. And hurt, both ways. I was standing outside just now when I had the urge to write something about nature and what it stands for. Nature is life. There is no denying that, even if anyone had the audacity to think otherwise. It gives us the oxygen we breath, we give it the carbon dioxide it needs to yet again sustain what we take for granted. Up until now, it is something that’s a miss. There is small facts that could make you wonder, and appreciate. Some amazing gibberish. Go check out this site, I Googled it just for the fun of knowing something minuscule yet profoundly interesting. I do not know how precise this is, I do not know, but the idea of how much a tree, in whole, generally, can support is thrilling. As I was standing outside, a gush of wind sliced across the earth and would have blown off my toupee had I owned a piece, when I looked to the clear blue sky above me, and this epiphany came to me. I am not what you would call a full-fledged Christian, I do not attend church for reasons I don’t have to share, but the meaning of being the smallest part of a bigger whole filled me, and made me wonder just how easily the smaller part can be extinguished. However, to the risk of the bigger whole being inadvertently destroyed, as well. We know nothing of nature except hard, proven facts. We know nothing on its ability to carry on and restore itself, no matter how bad we treat it, to keep on going when so little care is produced. We destroy trees every day for the benefit of comfort and status. Of all the environment friendly appliances they make, of all the precautions they take to try to make the environment healthy again, how long will it take before nature decides that enough is enough, I’m done, take care, good night and adieu. There is still paper to produce, furniture to sell, cottages to build, people to warm, front lawns to decorate, even if only for display and nothing else, nothing deeper. Not that I’m gonna chain myself to a tree and defend its natural rights, for I am too far down the dark path as the rest of human kind, but I am open-minded enough to wonder about that, and not too small to do something about it. Does anyone see the beauty of all things nature provide other than competing with the neighbors, wondering whether your garden will be more beautiful than theirs this year. Looking at the sky, the fleece white clouds barely staining the blue beyond, the grass and imagining all that live therein, we are – even with our thoughts, our perceptions about things – nothing compared to the complexity that is nature.

Some of us trust in nature. Some do care. Some find it as uplifting as I do without being crazy. Few.

I pedaled home in the rain again yesterday, people looking at me, risking crashing their cars or breaking their necks looking at me, wondering whether I am off my rocker or something. They do not know that their cars gives them comfort and safety they need to survive whatever they are running from, and gives me the diamonds I talked about in an earlier post. For some of us, comfort and safety begins when you inhale, and think about what you just did, smiling as you realize that this is what makes you live, standing in the rain because it’s the most natural thing to do, savoring every moment because being wet means you are winning something far greater than sitting in the car, miserable to an extent of suicide.

I’ve lost my train of thought. That should be all, then . . .


One thought on “Flourish

  1. Humans will one day not be on earth anymore.
    Earth will then just go on as she has been doing for many millions of years. Such a beautiful, brilliant, great, amazing system.
    That I don’t doubt for a second…

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