fantasy_door-wideException is the exit clause you never knew you had to a contract you never knew you signed. It is the truth about a doorway to a new way out. No matter how dire your circumstances, how perpendicular the edges to your plight seems to be, no matter how cracked or ill-kept the insides are, there is always a door waiting to be opened. Let’s describe your mood as a ruin, the ruin of a house so beautifully built years ago. Frilly, polka-dotted drapes. Cute yellow doors. Clear, shiny windows in yellow painted frames with attached weather shutters. White stucco walls visibly hand painted. Safe and Serene, Naive and Warm. Yet, as the general opinion goes, with time comes change. Over time the paint will start to fade or peel, the shutters will rot away, the windows will break, the walls will crack and wither, the roof will concave, leaving you with nothing other than sad ruins as result to adversity. That happens over time if maintenance is not properly applied; security systems installed. Beyond that, beyond the boundaries this ruin makes, the world waits for the final fall. Not that it cares, not that anything beyond the boundaries can see what is actually happening inside, it is just the way it goes. I have been like a ruin, most of my life. Rotten inside with all kinds of negatives and half-truths and disappointment and hurt. Yet, what I kept alive inside to eat at me made me realize that it does not, in fact, affect the world around me. Nothing on the outside changes to match the goings on inside of me. What can one change what one can’t see, right? Maintenance repairs is a choice away. A simple choice to break through the walls you built around you, fit a door into that hole, and step through it, into something new. I did that. I stepped through a door, for I found many. Although the ruin always will be a part of the landscape, always will be open to tempt you, being the part of you out of which you came, you can make the choice to stay where your new-found life has taken you, or go back, as simple as that. Which life sounds more alluring, what is more important? That is the exception. The Choice.

There is this boy, his name is Kieran, and ADD victim, a busy body and the sweetest thing on earth. Everyday I see him at work, I make him a paper airplane with drawings on the side to make it seem real to him. Today I played with him looking for treasure, trying to throw the plane in such a way as to land on the exact spot where we were supposedly trying to retrieve the treasure before pirates of unknown origin confiscate our prize. He draws me a picture every day he sees me, the elaborate design of a cockpit with buttons and radar systems and telephones and screens and antennas, as if amalgamating our souls into friendship that way. That always makes my day bright and sunny. Playing with the little guy is the biggest door I have crossed in all my life. He has problems of his own, and knowing him, being as steadfastly opinionated as he is for a boy of seven, he would get over the little things that shakes and breaks houses. He will weather the storm, and that is enough to inspire escape from a prison you were not meant to live in. I want to make him a bigger plane, but I am not so good with paper-folding. Oh, well, he appreciates the ones I do fold…

This is a song some other door had sent me. Although I closed it some time ago, the words still echo through… Hope you like!!

That is all…


10 thoughts on “Exception

  1. Quite a beautiful song.
    And a lovely post.
    You should comment on other posts – people need to read you.
    Sometimes, opening the door can be a daunting task. In many instances I prefer the ruin to what’s out there. The ruin I know. It’s comfortable. It’s mine.
    Then again, I’m old, so staying in my ruin is not such a bad idea 😉

    • I actually laughed. You are NOT old!! Staying in the ruin is one thing, if it makes you happy, yes… otherwise, get the hell out. I don’t wanna sulk inside ruins…. The initial idea I had about the blogging is like a diary, get things off my chest and share things with you as you are the only one reading here… How do I go about reading other’s posts? xx

      • In comparison to you I’m ancient 😉
        As for commenting, try the daily post thing. every day they have a topic, and people write about the topic. If you put on a pingback to the DP, other people can read your stuff – probably the fastest way to build up some kind of reader thing. Use the lot that comments on my blog, go to them and see if you like what they write. If you do, follow them, and in no time you will have many more people reading what you so eloquently write – you have a talent. use it.
        I’ll gladly read your stuff – it works for me 😉

      • I would like to beg to differ, you are not ancient. If you were, you would gladly tell me what happened to the Nephilim before and after the flood!! HA!! But don’t, I’m still puzzling on that mystery!! xxx

      • Should be there already – check it out, and do a post. Remember to link back to the DP – that way other readers can check out your stuff. But remember – if somebody likes or comments on yours, courtesy implies that you do the same with theirs.
        Just being a mom here 😉

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