wallpaper_Last_Hope_2560x1600Life consists of moments. Fleeting moments that steers your life as you go. Moments that forces you into decisions made by perfunctory reactions or quick, life altering ones. Ideal. The word describing the day I had yesterday. Not perfect, but ideally so. Got up at ten that morning while the ladies sang it away in church, and I suddenly had this urge to tidy my bedroom. It never happens. I remade my bed with a new duvet set, left my desk in disarray (I can’t find anything when I tidy my desk), left my scatter cushions on the floor, for they are called ‘scatter’ cushions for a reason. Opened the curtains (When open, stays open for some time until I close it again. When drawn, stays closed for some time before I open it again). Otherwise spotlessly clean. When the ladies returned home from church, they decided that I should help with preparing the Sunday meal, some new chicken dish they wanted to try out. So I peeled potatoes and chopped it, chopped spring onions, chopped mini cucumbers, chopped mushrooms all the while asking questions about preparing the chicken and flaking it afterwards. We layered the dish with rice and chicken and broccoli and the mixed ingredients with some sauce, and lastly I topped it with lots of cheese. Giving a helping hand does not necessarily aid much with the fact of my dislike in preparing food. I hate it. I don’t even butter bread. I will give it a try, though. However, I’m very good with making coffee. Will serve it all day long. So after we popped the dish in the oven to bake or whatever, we went swimming accompanied by glasses of chattering wine. The ideal time for a swim and drink while we waited on the food. Ma’s daughter-in-law brought the kids for a swim too, so the whole day was filled with laughter and giggles and wet and whatnot. Me and In-law chatted for a while. She’s very religious, obsessively so. But enough of that fact, though, before it starts something that should rather stay. After they’ve gone, we served the dish and rented a movie. The chicken came out great, so we congratulated each other for a dish well prepared. I felt like singing, then. The day really had me tired, though, all three of us. The ladies went to bed at about nine, and I crept into bed at about half past ten. The first in a very, very long time. Tonight would probably see me awake again and morning shall greet me as an old friend. I don’t wanna boast about the day, just that it was a great one and something great should be shared. Moments that led to this post. Moments well spent. Another one was when a good friend of mine took me to his Aunt’s house where I received the opportunity to meet his mother. They were great people, the kind you wanna be around when times get tough or you wanted someone to chat to. Like a force. The first impression was a good impression. My friend – I would have thought involuntarily – actually got me scared shitless of meeting his mother, but the picture I had painted in my mind was so different from the one I got meeting her. She was sweet and kind, strongly opinionated and spoke her mind, otherwise motherly and intelligent company. She has this mane of black hair with strings of gray in between, which made her stunningly beautiful; the artistic type with the duffel bag and hair tied back with a hairband. We ate a big lunch or dinner that day, I cannot by the life of me remember the exact time of day; I chatted with the aunt about embroidery and she showed me the cool stuff she’s made; told me about some people getting together at some place to play various instruments and asked me to come along the next time she’s going. I never got the chance to join. But one day will see me. We all sat outside after dinner, played with the tiresome doggy, chatted. I felt like I belong. Stuff or memories made my moments such as these should not be kept on the sideline. It should be part of your life, to remember, to think ahead with that memories as guide; days like that would find its way back to the present, where the experience thereof would leave you with a sense of awe, belonging, love, friendship, binding. Moments like these that make life great. . .

That is all . . .


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Sometimes a perfectly ordinary day turns out to be ordinarily perfect 😉
    They rarely happen – when they do, we should hold on to them, take the pearl out of it’s bag just to see the lustre of it once again 😉
    You’re right – those perfect moments should be shared. It was a good day.

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