DP: Writing Challenge: Starting Over

crying_colours_by_fantasy_flower-d4q1w88Picking at a scab


His fingers hurt as he touches her shoulders

of yesterday.

His breathing shallow, his heart a race;

scabs of yesterday.

Her eyes big tears do form,

running down, down slow,

he catches those with every breath,

no need for them to grow.

His hands afire as his caress,

warms skin cold as winter’s day.

His face in rain, his heart in chains,

scabbed by yesterday.


their love do spite unduly hurt,

of quarrel less of point,

an ache they should invert,

for hearts are perpetually joint.

Her cheeks in newly blossom,

as lips absorb the pain,

reminding sculling heart,

of tears to fall in vain.

Two bodies by love unite,

new start against a yesterday.

Four hands to create a moment,

to chase the bad away.

A new hand touches softened shoulders

of the moment.

His breathing shallow, his heart a race;

his eyes like windows,

that looks to her adoring face.


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