DP: Shipwrecked

111701k5-plate45Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that statement still rings true. Anyone would have done what Dudley has done – eat the man, that is – although ‘digging in’ could have been more discreet. I rather would have let natural causes take Parker’s last breath, even if that meant me starving half to death. I would not have killed him; inhumane and evil as it is. However, Dudley did perform a mercy killing and relieved Parker of any other pain or ailment or whatever else he had. He did do him a favor, if you look at the situation from that perspective; in conclusion, he relieved Parker of his pain and consequently sustained the rest of his crew and his own hunger for a while. This post reminds me of another story, true, as well, of the 1972 Andes flight disaster about the plane that went down with a team of Rugby players. Those events later became inspiration enough to produce a film, Alive, starring Ethan Hawke. A good film, actually, but gross. A few years ago I had to write an essay in Geography class about being shipwrecked and what I would have done surviving the ordeal, taking everything like astronomy and whatnot into consideration. I used ‘drinking urine’ as something as replacement to water if I had none, though my teacher never thought that funny. I did . . . then. So I think what Dudley has done is justifiable to his will and responsibility to others to stay alive, although I think the manner in which he did what he did is not defensible to any natural, human law. Some would see him as a hero. Some a killer. Such is life.


5 thoughts on “DP: Shipwrecked

  1. Every time I hear of people drinking urine, I think of the stillsuits used in the book Dune…
    Really have no idea what I would have done in this situation, but I think I’d have to be pretty desperate to drink my own urine or somebody’s blood – eeeeuuuuwwww!!!!!

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