Chase the Moon

Ode_to_Moonlight_by_dvlRoads then but a shattered mirror
As night sheds a tear;
oh, how you sparkle, dear.
I drift – inside your embrace,
in chase of your crescent moon.

She runs,
and I run with,
accompanied by nocturnal wing.
Its melody astonishing,
its flight its liberty.

I follow from a distance;
you keep ignoring me.
Turning your eye
away from me.
I catch you with a silver string.

I race the glistening night,
now to find you,
yet you evade my presence.
I draw away,
yet you show no penance.

I lock a door between your cold
and the heat inside.
Your silver glow within reside
to break apart
a piece of moonshine.


8 thoughts on “Chase the Moon

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