DP: Choose Your Adventure

love-fantasy-21659420-1920-1200Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

Darwin, 1942;

I held her to my chest as debris scattered all around us; chunks of plaster and concrete hit my back as I tried to protect her from its devastation, my suffering nothing against what I had to face, my protection irrelevant to what is true. Her hair was wet against my skin, her green eyes bearing into mine. Beside the hurt she felt as her broken body seemed to make her realize, her eyes spoke of something entirely different. Something only I could understand. Overhead, Japanese fighter planes cut through the skies as everything around us were obliterated by its expelled fury, the rain now nothing but a soothing calm to chaos. A layer of wet to dire consequence. An alternative sheet to mask powerlessness. I held her close as another series of bombs crashed into buildings further away, the sound too hard to bear, the screams and gunshots more horrific than I imagined. They were coming this way.

Her body spasmed only once as she tried to form ‘I love you’ with her sweet, full lips. The happiness in her eyes lingered on as the last breath escaped the body she shared with me; her hands tightened painfully around my arms before it relaxed. The slow but rhythmic pulse I felt against her back now only returned to her, torn away from my hands. I almost lost it. The rain washed the tears from my face as I screamed at the skies, yet its warmth stayed on my cheeks. Raw sobs slammed against my chest as my arms locked around her body, pressing her even harder against my chest, as if that act would ensure her constant presence even though she was no more. My heart began to spasm in arrhythmic beats as pain of enormous quantity surged through my entire body. The hurt was unbearable. The hurt was so much more than death. The hurt was an afterlife.

In the distance, drawing nearer, I could hear unintelligible shouts, abrupt bursts of unseen firearms, jingling sounds as glass broke and scattered to the ground, more women screaming, babies crying, hurried footsteps with owners just out of sight. Sobbing, screaming, my love resting on one arm now, I peered over my shoulder, ripped my gun from its holster, and . . .

How did it end?? 😉


16 thoughts on “DP: Choose Your Adventure

  1. Man!!!
    I actually cried. To have your love ripped away like that – not good.
    To think of an ending for this will take me a while!
    Brilliantly written young man 😉

  2. … and ended my own suffering, leaving the torn and waring world to fend for itself. I had lost and suffered more than I would have thought possible. With nothing left holding me to the pain of the world, I released myself to follow my love and see what new worlds we could find.

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  5. ” I peered over my shoulder, ripped my gun from its holster, and . . .”

    Spotted a man running towards me, waving his arms in the air. He was shouting but I couldn’t quite understand him. I chambered a round and kept him in my sights.

    “Move back, move back!” he said.

    I held my ground and kept a finger on the trigger. Who was this guy and why the hell was he running at me like a maniac? You damn fool, I thought. You goddamn fool.

    “Move back! They’ve taken the Northern checkpoints and are headed this way with all sorts of heavy artillery.”

    “No shit!” I said. “Help me move the girl.”

    “No,” she said. I barely heard her over the sounds of battle.

    “Elizabeth, I have to get you out of here. You’re badly wounded.”

    “I know,” she said. “But you can’t move me.”

    “What’re you talking about?”

    “You can’t move me.”

    The man now stood next to me. “I’m a doctor, but we can’t stay here, no way. There’s a bunker in the next town not far from here. Grab her arms I’ll get her legs. And be careful not to move her neck!” he said.

    “Please!” Elizabeth cried. “You can’t move me! You can’t!”

    I softly shushed her and told her to relax. “We’re going to get you outta here, sweetheart. We have to go.”

    She began weeping. “Oh god, Jeffrey. Oh god, please don’t..”

    I began to feel really uneasy now. Was she losing her mind? I’m trying to help her and she rather I leave her here to die. The war’s wearing her down, that’s all it is. The doctor and I took our positions and lifted Elizabeth off the ground. In that same instant, Elizabeth let out a scream louder than the surrounding gunfire, so treacherous and terrible that it tore through my insides and made me feel sick.

    What we saw next was worse than any of my nightmares. My dear Elizabeth, my lovely bride. The flesh of her back sat on the ground like a welcome mat colored crimson. Strips of skin and muscle hung from her now suspended body, blood dripping like thick syrup.

    What have we done? What the hell was happening?

    “Jesus Christ,” the doctor said.

    Elizabeth whimpered and said, “Please, Jeffrey, take the pain away. Kill me. Kill me now,” over and over again until the heavens spat bullets through our bodies and the sky went black.

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  8. Sobbing, screaming, my love resting on one arm now, I peered over my shoulder, ripped my gun from its holster, and . . .took one last look at what has happened to the love of my life. There was no way I could live another moment because in my arms laid not just the woman whom I loved from the truest bit of my conscience,,but also was the woman who had claimed my heart..
    Was there a way to live on without a heart..? No, there never was and there never will be. I pulled the trigger and fired the shot, but destiny has other plans….There were no bullets, the gun was empty…was it a symbol..may be I had to move on…May be my love protected me even when she was gone.
    I did not kill myself again and lived on to tell this tale of power of love !!

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