Wait On Love


For your delight, a poem hastily constructed by passionwriting and me. The first of many to come. Enjoy!

As I stand here, waiting on you,

the winds slowly caress my face,

unaware of time I wait,

and the clock keeps ticking endlessly.

Cobbled streets languidly follows a dream,

followed again by the light of lamps,

discernible hardships and merry laughter,

makes the wait a burden worth endurance.

I walk along, singing our melody,

The words wash over my pain,

And I ache to be in your arms once again,

To rest in peace far from this world.

I long to be the object of your embrace,

that could rid me of my sorrow.

I long to be by your every side,

to once again feel the beat you share.

I finally see your shadow,

you look every bit the same as I remember.

And as your approach lingers,

My heart flutters as I retrace the memories we made.

You slowly closed the space between our hearts,

your smile the perfect phylactery,

to remind me of who and what I am,

when standing here in front of you.

I throw myself into your arms;

I am lost in the perfection of this moment.

The clock has seemed to stop,

And time freezes as finally we unite into one.



5 thoughts on “Wait On Love

  1. Firstly, where’s the stunning background gone to?
    Secondly, lovely poem. Well written to both of you 😉

    My personal favourite…
    I long to be the object of your embrace,
    that could rid me of my sorrow.

    Here’s a song that fits it somewhat…

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