Final Adieu

great-couple-fantasy-girl-facebook-timeline-cover,1366x768,67037Another poem by passionwriting and me. Thought we’d make a little conversation. Enjoy 😉

“Honey, don’t you let me go,

don’t be the one to unwind

your fingers

from mine.

Please, don’t let me go.”

“You are a charming prince,

but my heart is still not free;

it still clings to the past;

it still beats for the man who tore it apart.”

“I don’t understand, sweet maiden,

you made me believe it’s true.

How could you go on,

with my heart now shattered over you.”

“I fooled you once, I fooled you again.

I was using you boy,

To prevent my heart from going numb.

I thought I could be me again,

and yet the heart still stays crushed in love’s lane.”

“It would seem, my love, that I have joined

you in that lane of hurt and shame.

Yet where do all those go,

Who fond to be so heartless?”

“I don’t know where the path will lead;

I am myself sitting still.

Perhaps I will get tired of time

and slowly burn my heart alive.”

“Burn it, thrash it, what’s the point?

Was it always meant to be

the direction of our destiny?

Why do you insist, in turn gives hope,

to make mine yours?”

“You say it now, you speak of hope,

but as I slowly walk alone,

you might get tired of waiting for me,

and once again crush me hard and deep.”

“Though, love, you said your heart’s still caged,

why not let it go?

You knew I’m not the one to be

the bearer of your misfortune.”

“I wish I could give my heart again;

alas, some stories are not meant to be.

All you can ever be is the companion

who would share the beat of a broken heart.”

“My sweet love, I could and should have been the one,

to mend your heart along the way.

Yet, you won’t seem to make relent.

To that,

I bid you adieu . . .”


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