Abe’s Oddysee


I’m green, I’m slender,

remember not my gender,

yellow eyes, big hands,

not wearing any pants.

Confused, on a quest,

don’t wanna dis’point my guest,

broad-shouldered, senile,

for you I’ll run a mile.

A pigtail, or antennae,

either which don’t know I,

knobby knees, big feet,

and boy I like to eat.

I whistle, I chant,

sing? Oh no I can’t,

I fart, aloud,

to giggle of my proud.

I’m fast, I’m hasty,

the dogs do think I’m tasty,

I run, I jump,

just to end up as a lump.

I snort, I giggle,

hate to stand and jiggle,

I say ‘hi’, I fly,

and then, oh dear, I die.

I’m resurrected, I roll,

to reach my empty goal,

I’m trampled, I’m squashed,

before your eyes I’m crushed.

I sneak, I plead,

for you to take the lead,

I’m wasted, to gore,

and then I fart some more.

I’m innocent, I run,

don’t keep no bloody gun,

for Abe’s, am I,

this Oddysey ain’t no lie.


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