Les Misérables

Britains Got Talent star Susan BoyleA complete thumbs up. To those of you who haven’t seen the movie, this was absolutely spectacular, all two and a half hours of it. A tale based during the radical times of the French Revolution; of hope, love, hurting, rage, liberty, and above all the odds, strength. Anne Hathaway sparkled the screens with her singing talent, expressing I Dreamed a Dream with such pure, raw emotion, that crying seemed inevitable. It just welled up at the corners and spilled down. Then again, the same goes for Susan Boyle who, against all cynicism and adversity, found the voice with the same song to move up in ranks unbeknownst to you and me. Not that I approve of some people being the givers and takers of one’s fortune, which is downright ridiculous, but who am I to upset the balance between those with a say and those who hope to make the salmon run. Susan Boyle will always be my hero, the one who took a chance and cast the fear of falling away aside, cast all cynical bastard’s wily smirks aside, to give it the best she could, and win. Irrevocably linked to the movie I watched just Saturday, the explicit struggle between both ordeals, and the turn for the better in both ends, Susan Boyle as well as the movie are instigators to great aspirations to all the nations . . . 😉

Spoiler Alert! Even though Susan Boyle has the best voice for this song, undeniably, Anne Hathaway has a more bold approach to what really goes on from here. Enjoy this absolutely stunning yet saddening song . . .


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