Nothing to Say

Nothing to write, oh nothing at all

boredom take me away

take me away


a way

for nothing

a way to stay away

away from nothing to do

let me be the one to be the one

the one to take away the

boredome far

a way


I’ll be free

to speak a tree

into its eternal oblivion

then I’ll be the one, the one to be

to keep the pages empty

away from pry


. . .

9 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Boredom has hit this side of the curtain too… I just could not do a poem about it 😉
    Supercool tune!!! Vid’s a bit upsetting, but hey – that’s humans for you.
    Bonne nuit young man xoxo

  2. Must admit do come across a few blogs where it is obvious they’ve run out of things to say (sometimes saying nothing is better). I think you have done quite well writing about “nothing” though (clever and interesting). Wasn’t the Seinfield show meant to be about “nothing”???

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I would know nothing of the Seinfeld show, never watched it . . . perhaps?? 😉 thanks for reading nothing. Today is the nothing day, so tomorrow I’ll speak a tree again! 🙂

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