Saturday saw me . . .

Cooking . . .


And this was the result . . . meatballs and spaghetti served with a beefy curry, golden syrup and lemon-juice sauce.

Afterwards it felt like I could soar the skies and fall to the ground with a magnificent crash, just to get up and strut the strut of the male peacock 🙂 as it was the first time in my life that I’ve cooked a proper meal, since I hate standing in front of a stove, despite home economics way back when, my first attempt did not give me the results I expected, but on the contrary, rather surprised me. What’s more is that the ladies at home are very critical of food in general, and usually makes awesome dishes themselves. I impressed them, they had second helpings, which never really realizes, so I was beaming like a searchlight!
The preparation of this dish had me baffled at first. I only had 33 minutes while the minced meat was defrosting in the microwave to figure the hell out of methods . . . should I fry the balls first, and then let it simmer in the sauce, or should I cook the balls IN the sauce. The second option would probably have resulted in disaster, no doubt.

But this was a creation borne by the ashes of hatred . . .





2 thoughts on “Saturday saw me . . .

  1. Haha, bottle washer . . . I only also recently bought one of those big ass bottle brushes, for mum’s vacuum flask, so I got that figured out, at least . . . Will spoil you one day!!

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