DP: Can’t Drive 55


Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. Go!

“So I sat quietly, agreed politely . . .”

The thugs pushed me from the road, making me swerve into a lamppost. I wasn’t going too fast, so the impact had little affect on me except a flushing anger and perhaps a modicum of fear. I scrambled out of the car, the damage meaning little at this point. The perpetrators who ran me off the road brought their car alongside mine, and two men with their faces covered in plastic masks jumped out. I ran towards them, my anger stoked by their presence, fists aloft, screaming obscenities.

It had been a peaceful morning with my boyfriend still asleep whilst I got ready for work, thank the gods. I needed some calm before another storm of adventure might break ground. I loved my boyfriend very much, but sometimes his adventurous and capricious habits could be exhaustive enough to make me slip out of the house undetected. The drive to work had me singing to the radio, joyous that nothing is going to put the grim on my mood. Until . . .

They knocked me down the first time they had a chance.

By the time I regained consciousness, they had me tied to a chair, inside a gloomy building devoid of any other furniture, with thin blades of sunlight filtering through small holes and peeling black paint. Immediately after, I heard a metallic door opening, clanging off the wall, while footsteps filled the otherwise depressing silence. One pair. One pair I recognized. Anger burned with an intensity so fierce that if I could congregate and expel that, I’d be able to obliterate the universe. I sat quietly.

The thugs apparently had no clue tying knots, and I’ve already loosened its hold. Bringing the rope from behind, and judging the distance between the man and myself by the sound of his footsteps, I jumped forward, brought the rope around his neck, gave it another loop, and tightened its hold. The man began to thrash at my hands, trying to jerk it loose, but I would not relent. I kicked him in the balls, heard the satisfactory groan, before he keeled over. As his body slumped to the ground, he dragged me on top of him. Breathing heavily into my ear, my boyfriend groaned: “But I only wanted to ask you to become my wife.”

To which I replied: “Never underestimate the girl who can sneak past a freak during the mornings. Kiss me, you fool!”

He agreed politely with a nod of the head.


17 thoughts on “DP: Can’t Drive 55

    • Thanks! I rushed this one, did not think it would entertain as much, since I only had fifteen minutes and thirty more . . . broke the rules that may just be made to be broken 🙂 Good morning to ya, and a lovely, awesome and productive day, Kaereste!! xoxo

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