Beauty: Evelyn Mchale


Perhaps some of you would find this a tad disconcerting, or morbid considering this brand new weekend, but it’s rather interesting and I’d like to share before I meet mine. Evelyn Mchale. To any of those who don’t know her, she was a pretty twenty three year old who threw herself off the observation deck of the Empire State Building, May 1, 1947. Engaged, beautiful, presumably happy, who would ever have the answer to why people do what they do? As seen in the picture below, you might even say that she made peace, with whatever, and that she thought the way she chose had to be the correct one . . .

To that, happy weekend to y’all!!


And a tune to kick-start this sucker 😉 To all the beautiful ladies out there


One thought on “Beauty: Evelyn Mchale

  1. Ok. What the hell? Dead people? But yes, it does look as if she’s made peace with herself. Don’t think that’s the way I’d choose to make peace, but hey – to each his own I suppose 😉
    As for the song – cool song, but some of those guys? are as scary looking as the rest are gorgeous!

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