DP: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

108676Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

Live, dream, fantasize, travel, sleep, findthefountainofyouthandneverdie.          –          .Get to know me a little 🙂

Live – in the true sense of the word. Use all your senses when you perform this act, including that elusive sixth. It’s a choice, and with any choice, you have to face up to the consequences, whether good or bad. I want to do that, every day, for while “I have air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper”, living life is awesome!

Dream – When dreaming, one might as well dream big. My dream (modified) is to travel the world (backpacking) and see everything there is to see, even from a distance; 100 Places You Will Never Visit. Dreaming are for those with a thirst for life.

Fantasize – I’m a twenty-four-year old who still loves to watch cartoons, whenever, and eat my cereal during nighttime. Stories is my life, writing and reading. Everyone’s life is a story. Perhaps the reality of this world (war, racism, distrust, all the bad things) does not accommodate my preference to fiction, fantasy, and that is why I push away from all that crap, and make my own. But what is ‘bad’ really? This event has ways to disintegrate, leaving you with alternatives, round the house and back into the front yard. A bad experience is nothing but the title of a choice you make.

Travel – One cannot live in the seclusion of your house, work, house, and still enjoy whatever the Internet offers you by means of pictures into which you cannot climb. Traveling, and seeing will ease that burden, even if it takes my entire life in its stride. It will be a journey, an adventure so much worth of discovering.

Sleep –  Returning to a bit of normalcy, perhaps no one loves sleep as much as I do . . . I guess for earning great stamina during the day, one must rest the body – for a few hours more than necessary. Gonna have to have that balance.

Findthefountainofyouthandneverdie – First of all, this is one word of my own making (temporarily), so as to stick with the six-word rule/guideline. I am not going to regard antiquated ideologies, set up by some moron who got the hang of being a leader, as rules/guidelines to influence the way I live my life. It’s not suppose to work like that, anyway. I am but one person, not a fledgling but a fledgling, perceiving the world and the way it works by my own terms, on my own time. However, to get to the content of the ‘word’, I think secretly everyone wants to live forever. Perhaps, after your body dies, something will stay; what that’s going to be, no one will ever know. But like I said, if one wants to dream, dream big, and realize that sometimes, dreams are not meant to come true. Just don’t let that keep you from dreaming and be the best that you can be in this one life, or many others after this one.


9 thoughts on “DP: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

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  2. Super cool tune!!
    Me, I don’t want to live forever. And I don’t want to come back either. When I die, it must be over. Done.
    But until that day comes, I’m prepared to face the things life throws my way, experience what I can, and only do the things I really want to do 😉
    bonne nuit xx

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