I Have Come


I am not comprised of matter, though I am.

I have no brain, yet I am capable of thought.

I am invisible, and I am moving.

I see this world, yet the world cannot see me. I am invincible, immortal, an undying soul come to investigate what has been wrought upon this planet. Not the only one with habitable conditions, not the only one touched by the hands of evolution, though the only one dying by the hands of its selfish inhabitants.

If earth should die, all else, even that beyond our comprehension, will perish along with it. We cannot let that happen.


I have come to investigate, to scrutinize, and to rid this world of anything that might cause it harm. I have the authority, and I have come to pass judgment upon those who have evil set in their heart, in their mind, buried within the layers that is their soul. The IPA (Intergalactic Planetary Alliance) had already sent two agents, and both attempts had failed their mission. At first those agents took it upon themselves to destroy the planet altogether, to rid everything there is to enjoy. Which was a mistake. However, they had gone soft, and joined the humans in their vain fight for survival, though nothing has changed since then. I guess they did not know what they avoided by going rogue.

The Alliance was skeptical, at first, letting us take a handle on the new mission, for we are ruthless, heartless beings, and we cannot be destroyed. However, apart from that, as contradiction to our way of being, peace was what we sought, and peace is what we’re going to get. If we should join the void into which all else will fall, we would be forever lost, and we would go mad, and we would never be the same again, yet we will live on forever.

I am in the middle of a field. The wind strokes its hand across the tall grass and let it cascade into million wavelets, crashing about me, and falling off the horizon. At night, with the moon at its fullest, the grass is cast as silver threads, and everything surrounding that is dabbed and changed with lunar glow. As am I, it seems, pulsing blue energy through what I am, cast as light, and let it fall about me. The moon is powerful, as it holds earth in motion, and makes me more than what I’m not. Looking at the stars, I cannot see my home, though I know it’s there.

I am alone.

It was my choice.

The sacrifice has already been made.

Costing me a few seconds, I was about the earth. My blue radiance covered the expanse of night, and that on the other half that was day, inching closer towards the surface, to all that lived, and was about to cease living. Programmed to stop whatever beat at the pace of human hearts, I would diminish them to what they came from. Afterwards, when all dust has settled, I am but to live amongst that which still live on, the fauna and flora of this wonderful planet, and I will set in motion the beginning of a new world, the new line of evolution, and I will see to it that no other planet will ever be affected by the destruction of earth again.

Everything will – – –


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