Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


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Must admit, I considered myself superman brave when I took this picture. My heart was racing, my palms was sweating and I thought I’d faint. Thing is, I suffer from arachnophobia, or I thought I did, or I still do, I’m not really looking to test the theory, but since I’ve done some research on spiders with friends, and read a lot of interesting facts about them, I’ve come to respect them in lots of regards. So, since then, I’ve been meaning to become friends with them, yet it proves a little difficult. Nothing to overcome a fear than facing it and let happen what happens.  Overall,  they are extremely beautiful creatures, yet creepy. My take on beauty overcomes all other fears.



8 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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  2. I don’t want a spider on top of me, but I have no real problem looking at them and photographing them. But this one looks like quite a biggie – not something I want to be caught unawares with!!
    Still – a very good pic, and a brilliant way to face your fears 😉

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