Foster Delight: A Recount


Boys from the left: Rowan, Rolan, Kendro (Foster child)

Girls from the left: Ca-Jen, Johnne, Rebecca (Foster child and sister of Kendro)


Posing like it’s their thang, honey . . .


Yesterday I considered myself the luckiest person on this world. I came home after work, and as per weekend usual, we had guests. One of the ladies brought two foster kids to be spoiled with a day of fun. It was amazing. Immediately after arriving home, I joined the kids in the pool. For Rowan and Ca-Jen, the kids of family friends and constantly present, it was but natural to cling onto me, and inviting everyone to do the same. So I felt like a tree bearing fruit. We had meat on the braai, there was all sorts of goodies (for the kids to enjoy), all the other children’s mothers enjoying each other’s company around the table under the lapa, and apart from the three boys, I was the only adult male. Which suited me just fine. After the fun in the pool, the kids enjoyed boerewors rolls, after which they finished off with sweets and colorful cupcakes, of course. With lots of energy still coursing through their veins, the boys decided to play cops and robbers. I joined forces and the game resulted in a bloodbath of imaginary origins. The girls later decided to play too. With no guns (we used the cricket bats as guns), we boys decided that, of the four of us, two should be ‘bad’, and two should be ‘good’, and the good should rescue the maidens in distress from the clutches of the bad guys, having hidden them somewhere within the confines of the yard. I felt like a kid, and every single child had so much fun. Perhaps the neighbors are a little angry at us shouting and the girls screaming up until nine, at least.

What really warmed my heart was the message the lady sent who looked after the two foster kids for the weekend. The kids all thanked Lee, their aunty, for the braai, since it was so delicious, and thanked Mum for being their granny, and above all, thanking me for being their hero.

Sometimes being a kid is making a kid happy. I think that, if I should die today, I would die happy. There is nothing more joyous than placing a smile on a kid’s face who really, completely deserves it, no questions asked.



2 thoughts on “Foster Delight: A Recount

  1. Looks like they had a whale of a good time G!
    Often, when we stand outside ourselves for a while, we value the little things more – you did a good thing yesterday.
    Bonne nuit…

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