Darkness is needed for light to thrive.

I have wandered alone – sad, despondent. For decades. Millenniums. Eons. But minutes only. The creatures of earth has evolved to see ages merge into another, lifetimes replace another, yet it only felt like single, fleeting moments. I am but unaware of time as my sadness grew – the burden a pressure bearing on my chest, heavier and heavier, slowing me to a crawl.

I have circled the world countless of times, alone, feared, disrespected, ignored. I have been the cause of many deaths, many heartaches, yet I have been the cause of many happiness, too. Apart from that, I have only been blamed for what I did wrong, instead of receiving praise for the things I did right. I have become distant, afraid of what my presence caused, yet it could not be helped. I even tried to avoid them, but to no avail. I am undying, and this all-consuming darkness is a part of me like the sadness I have come to acknowledge as my only companion. I am an essential part of life, which caused creatures to use me to their advantage. However, they still feared me.

I guess their fear only resulted as consequence to their own stupidity, their carelessness, but time has made them too proud to realize their mistakes and rather blamed it on something other than themselves . . . like me. Time taught them denial within the scopes of fear, and they were bound. Fear is but the consequence of truth, and that is the worst kind to have. I did not try to correct them, I did not even try to establish a relation, for I knew that anything which might have resulted in some kind of successful form of communication, has been long gone. A dozen sets of creatures did not have enough time to begin to understand what I was, and why I did what I did. Above all, they did not have the time to stop and listen.

Despite everything, I remained alone.

Until one starry time, I was walking within the dense embrace of a forest. The lights of a small village could be seen through a break in the trees, dimly lit by distance, and for the first time, I felt no apprehension of passing by. This was strange. The skies have opened and poured its contents down around me. I did not know what rain felt like, though I always wondered what it must’ve been like having raindrops run down your body. Did it sting? Did it tingle? Was it warm or cold? The only thing I could admire was the aftermath. Shiny, vibrant, new. The fresh smells. Did the creatures also feel like that when the rain has stopped, or did they blame the rain for everything bad that’s happened during its presence, as well? I should ask Rain some day.

I entered a clearing, sure to keep my footing clear of any debris that might cause noise, despising drawing any attention to myself, when I spotted a light up ahead. Unsure of what I’m seeing, I stopped, turned away, turned back, and just stared. All the years of ridicule and blame has made me cautious, afraid of more hurt, afraid of confrontation, and I slowly retraced my steps, keeping the light in sight. However, as I applied more distance between us, the light dimmed, and finally winked out. I paused as my darkling shadows filled all that was replaced. I realized I couldn’t pause too long, for then the world will hold it against me again.

I entered the clearing a second time and watched as light blossomed from the far end. The rain did not touch it, though it sparkled like diamonds as it fell about. Apart from the artificial light the towns produced, and those of the stars and moon overhead, this is the first time I have encountered anything remotely resembling what Sun was. He must be the happiest being in this universe. The creatures cannot blame him for anything except worship his very existence. Without him, all else will perish.

I crept towards the light, and it grew even brighter. By this time, I was already drawn, unable to stop myself from approaching, wanting to have it take me wherever it wanted me to go. I felt my worries slip away. I cared no more.

It did not work that way, though. When I was but a foot from the light, its glare almost blinding, I saw within it the form of a girl, her white hair and delicate, pale skin the source of the most wondrous luminance. I could not take my eyes off her. I was filled with this keen interest, this keen and acute sense of paternal sense of responsibility, as if this being is mine, and mine alone to protect. Since the world, and Sun, for that matter, was dependent on my constant movement, I became so engrossed in this girl lying in the clearing that I forgot all about what I and everything else needed me to do.

Without much other thought, I stepped into the light.

“Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t.”

“Why have you stepped into my light? Why do you not burn?”

“I . . . don’t know. I . . .”

“You’re lonely, aren’t you? I can sense it. You are mine, now.”

” . . .”

“Don’t worry, I, now too, am lonely. Want me to accompany you on your rounds?”

From that day forward, everything changed. I received a companion, and I thanked the stars for rejecting her. She hurt, and I understood. No one liked to be rejected, cast aside as if meaning nothing at all. In time, though, her hurt and my caution became the definition of happiness. Together we stood against adversity, and laughed in the faces of those idiotic enough to throw their sorrow in my face, as if I cared what they did when I came round. She’s a delight, and somehow, I delighted her. No anger, no blame, no denial. I really had to run to catch up with my passage that time, but this time, with a sweet love that could not bear to live without my darkness, and I without her starlight, we conquered all our sadness.

Today, she still walks by my side, hand in hand, shining as she would have when still dancing on the skies above.

Darkness is needed for light to thrive.


3 thoughts on “Luminary

  1. Lovely writing G.
    And a cool song 😉
    I have a quote of Susannah Dean as my whatsapp status – It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright…

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