Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Luda (Loodah)


The gentlest soul you will ever come across – inside the yard!! Having been recently spayed, this girl is still recovering from her operation. We were a little surprised when the vet told us she was overweight, though to us she looked like a hunk of meat and muscle. There is one cupboard in the kitchen completely dedicated to the animals’ snacks and tin food, but since the operation, we placed all the dogs on some kind of diet, no meat whatsoever, but a snack two times a week, at least. I had a walk with her today, it was amazing, seeing her attentive to her surroundings while investigating everything there is to investigate. It’s the first time I’ve seen her with her tongue almost hanging to the ground in excitement. I’m still a little scared of people that might walk by, but I thought I handled her quite well for our first walk, and there are a lot of other complaining dogs in the neighborhood she probably wanted to have a quarrel with. In addition, garden services parked along the street, of course, eying us dubiously from their respective trucks. She wanted to quarrel with them, too. I avoided that successfully. Tomorrow I’ll be walking with her again, and the two others for the shameless Dachshund cried his eyes out and screamed bloody murder. Luda has two pet names, Ludels (Loodels), and Luds (Loods), for when she’s particularly cute and handsome, which is always. Love this dog to pieces 😉




9 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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  2. She is a cutie – it really is cool how animals recover from surgery – Syd was spayed and I adopted her less than one week after her leg was removed. She also had surgery to repair a torn achilles tendon – ripped off completely from her right hock bone – chasing a squirrel, slipped on ice… 2800.00 later… her dad and i had the more difficult recovery. i mean – an injured right hind leg (that could not be walked on and a missing right front leg) – really? She has managed to recover quite nicely from stitches and surgeries and drugs. 🙂

    • Wow, that’s some bad luck for a doggie, and still she can smile like nothing has ever happened. She really is beautiful, and probably an inspiration to all of us. Luda here, too. We thought she would be mad, but they really do live only for the moment, and not what happened in the past . . . 🙂 obviously, but I guess it’s in their nature to survive and recuperate faster when humans are not there to intervene?

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