Anna Karenina


Starring Greta Garbo, Fredric March, little Freddie Bartholomew.

Anna Karenina: You know, Dolly, men like Stiva aren’t really conscious of deception at all. They put their wives and homes in one compartment… and these other women into another.

Vronsky: Our meetings are so brief, the dance also.

Anna Karenina: But our reunions are so frequent.

Vronsky: When I leave you, I’m lost in a world of strangers. When I touch your hand, we’re alone.

Anna Karenina: [Smiling as she switches dance partners] I return you to the world!

Vronsky: I love your frown when you concentrate.

Anna Karenina: [playing croquet] How do you expect me to make this shot if you talk to me?


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