Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge




Only sometimes does she live up to her name. This is her usual spot, on top of the sofa, if she’s not following me everywhere since I’m the only one home during the mornings, looking for whatever it is cats sometimes want. And does she choose most inopportune moments to be rubbing against my feet. Not that she would like me to give her food, for there is plenty, but something, something one just cannot figure out! She is an accomplice to the trio slipping onto my bed, undetected, when I’m still in it. Then again, there is no greater joy than waking up in the morning with those three pinning me to the bed. She likes her space, and the other two doggies know that just well enough to give her some. Except, it’s my bed, so when I move, she moves. Not on her own accord, no, hell, but I have to push her; she will only relent to that, otherwise she’ll stay where she is. No highway option. Oh, and those toys. Does she love to play with it from time to time, making a mess on the living room floor, leaving it for us slaves to pick up after her highness. How could we say no???

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13 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

  1. Hunter is a beautiful colour. I also know all about bed sharing, at the moment we are house sitting 6 cats and 4 of them jump onto the bed and me at 6am to let me know their food dish is empty. I try to ignore them but they all cuddle in all round me purring and kneading till I relent and go to feed them then they almost trip me up as we all walk along the passage with them winding in and out of my legs…

  2. this four-legged child is a cutie – too. I am allergic to cats, but even if i was not, I am not certain Pee would get along. i am afraid she only likes her mom and two brothers. Very, very protective. Her breeds – German Shepard and Akita make her a rather difficult dog to get along with plus, being hurt by a dog as a puppy. It was not intentional, she was knocked down chin first into the pavement. Not having a front leg makes her unstable. She was caught off guard, and well, we ca not allow her next to other dogs.

  3. Which is fine, and understandable – I mean, you love her, and would do anything to protect her or any other dog, for that matter. I guess she’s been through a lot, and should be given liberty to command her own lifestyle? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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