Starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden

David Larrabee: What’s so constructive about marrying Elizabeth Tyson?

Linus Larrabee: [offering a sheet of plastic] Taste it.

David Larrabee: [licks it] It’s sweet.

Linus Larrabee: That’s right. It’s made of sugar cane.

David Larrabee: Sugar cane. Wait a minute. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Tyson’s own the largest holdings of sugar cane in Puerto Rico, would it?

Linus Larrabee: Second largest. The largest have no daughter.

David Larrabee: It’s all beginning to make sense. Mr. Tyson owns the sugarcane, you own the formula for the plastics, and I’m supposed to be offered up as a human sacrifice on the altar of the industrial progress. Is that it?

Linus Larrabee: You make it sound so vulgar, David, as if the son of hot dog dynasty were being offered in marriage to the daughter of the mustard king. Surely… surely you don’t object to Elizabeth Tyson just because her father happens to have twenty million dollars? That’s very narrow-minded of you, David.

David Larrabee: Just one thing you overlooked. I haven’t proposed and she hasn’t accepted.

Linus Larrabee: Oh, don’t worry. I proposed and Mr. Tyson accepted.

David Larrabee: Did you kiss him?

Oliver Larrabee: Now, I’m not saying that all Larrabees have been saints. There was a Thomas Larrabee who was hung for piracy, and there was a Benjamin Larrabee who was a slave trader, and there was my great-great uncle, Joshua Larrabee, who was shot in Indiana while attempting to rob a train, but there NEVER was a Larrabee who behaved as David Larrabee has behaved here tonight!

David Larrabee: And exactly what have I done?

Oliver Larrabee: All columnists should be beaten to a pulp and converted back into paper!

There is no denying, Audrey Hepburn was an amazing and very attractive actress!! Superb movie 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sabrina

  1. You mean Audrey? 😉 I’ve seen a movie of Katherine this weekend, will post it now . . . The tune is amazing, yes, such as Audrey herself. Two movies now where walking barefoot seem natural enough to her, which is amazing! xoxo

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