Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge



Do not let this cute face fool you! This was right after a walk, which he enjoyed immensely, to my great surprise. This dog (I call him Barto), is the saddest creature I have ever met. Yes, sad, as in sulking, depressed little hairball. Except when breakfast and dinner is served, of course. Except when a fly buzzes too close to his face, he would bark like mad. He barks at everything that moves, whether it be a person or just some leaves scurrying in the wind. Perhaps some rebellion. I guess this doggy was a stray before he came to live with the family I share a house with. When I talk to him he would look me in the eye, and never shy away, which is fantastic considering he’s smarter than me, perhaps, given his moods and attentiveness. Love him to bits 😀

Want to join? Click on the picture below 😉


3 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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