My three Musketeers

Had a weekend with the sister and her husband and three adorable children. Strange how family ties can improve and withstand the hands of time, and prove to be stronger yet. I haven’t seen them in two years, and though two years are a long time, to us it seemed like a day. The smallest of the boys I have only met a second time since his birth, and it kills me to lose so much time of his life growing up, though that is about to change. He was sceptical at first, eyeing me from his mother’s lap, and after a while he just came to me, and would not let me go, which was pretty heart warming indeed. Blood is definitely thicker than water, and could be recognized instantly. Perhaps I am mistaken, but as long as I have these three small people in my life, including my sister and her husband, I would not need any children of my own. For now, I am good . . .


Little PG, the youngest, and a mischievous little devil. Strange thing is, he almost looks like me.


Poenie (Lourens) the eldest, loud and playful, yet so loving!


Little Poplap (Adriandi), the only daughter, a reserved little angel!




My sis and her husband relaxing on a mattress. We celebrated his birthday the previous night, the Saturday, and faced the consequences the following day. This picture was taken just before I, too, decided to have some shut eye on the living room couch . . .


3 thoughts on “My three Musketeers

  1. Families. you’re rediscovering yours and I’m losing mine – such is life 🙂
    Glad you picked up the ties G – they do help keep you sane. and very happy you had an awesome weekend – huge hugs and smooches for the musketeers!

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