1st Project

This is the first project I took on at request of another person. Took me three days in which I respectively spent three consecutive hours drawing this. So, totalling up to nine hours, completed this by last Friday . . . 😉 I guess, whether a story or a sketch, what you put in becomes your baby . . . was a little hard letting go of this one . . . I have to admit that this is not by best. I became a little impatient in the end, and rushed the final details, though I think it looks pretty good for a first timer! All I really need to learn is to be patient, and know that Rome was not built in one day.












3 thoughts on “1st Project

  1. Genugtig!!!
    Very good G!!
    One thing I just can’t do, no matter how hard I try – draw. Well, not pictures in any case. Abstracts work, but not pictures.
    Well done!!

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