603995_10201505722503141_1795337201_n I have to admit, while writing this, I have been through some Heinekens, and the intelligent level is up to no good. i really have to concentrate to get this out . . . Had some players who stayed late having a good time, and me with them. one of them gave me the opportunity to have it good in the art world. He gave me the job to draw some of the players’ faces onto a page, in the form of a caricature,  to paste that onto the walls of the club to add character. Now, i did not refuse, and the fee per page is not too bad!! Will be starting as soon as I receive some pics! Sorry, kaereste, for not posting and commenting . . . above work and a portrait and my own novel, I just don’t have the time anymore . . . will try as hard as I can, the rest of the year is going to be busy busy busy! Having all the foster kids over for a day of fun, a local triathlon to attend and celebrating christmas is no joke.



2 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. Don’t worry about a thing young man.
    You’re busy doing something you enjoy, and are quite good at! – I’ll probably still be here when you surface for air 😉

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