This is a poem inspired by a real good, crazy, loving friend, my sis in soul, Shruti Fatehpuria. Of course, today she has turned a whole 276 years old, and this piece, with the picture below it, is my present to her. Enjoy . . .


I followed her heart,

a pleading song,

to where the Hooghly silently runs.

I followed her heart,

a strange melody.

Her dark eyes looked to the distance.




yet alive. So alive.

In silken sari she stands alone,

mehndi on her hands;

her arms.

Her smile is that of a stage actress,

a phantom in the sunset.

Her dark hair is caught by the hands of the wind,

caressing every raven strand.

She closes her eyes,

and shuts the world,

her Bhur-loka.

The Hooghly shimmers in sunset light,

golden reflections.

And while the day slowly meets its doom,


begins to fall.

She raises her hands,

And with it she raises her spirits,

For with every drop,

a new beginning




3 thoughts on “Shakti

  1. no matter what I say, it is going to be less. the amount of love it oozes and the type of feelings it conveys.. not to forget the time it must have taken you, the detailing it has.. EVERY single thing about it is so beautiful that I am left stunned and speechless. I have absolutely no word that can do justice to the emotions that swelled in me when I read this. You’ve made me believe that there are people who will forever make us smile. I know that even if my life goes all awry and messes up entirely, I at least have ONE person i know, i can always fall on. you’re the GEM that brightens the deadliest of night,. Brother. I am absolutely moved beyond words can ever describe.
    this piece has everything I could ever ask for ❤ ❤ ❤

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