DP: New Wrinkles – An Odyssey

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

Copy of SAM_0598

Life is full of twists and turns. At some instances it seem like you’re going nowhere fast, and the next you’re off on a great adventure.

Yesterday an earthquake happened, and today I am ten years older. Something is happening. Something big. I made my way to the window, the memory of the quake enlivened by a tingling sensation throughout my body, as if the aftershock got absorbed inside of me.

I was excited when it first happened, to say the least. And disappointed when it ended. It left me dissatisfied, as if I expected more. I wanted a profound change.

It’s uncommon for South Africans to experience an earthquake. It had to mean something. However, it ended, leaving me empty. On top of that, I am suddenly ten years older.

I tried to listen if I could hear the usual sounds from the kitchen as mum and dad went about their morning rituals. All was quiet. Not even a bird was chirping.

A bright, piercing light suddenly appeared in the middle of my room, dangling from the ceiling like a chandelier, although there was none. I backed into the wall, shaded my eyes from the glare, and groped for anything I could use to fight if that should become a necessity. I found the club my dad got me for my thirteenth birthday.

The light faded and died, and revealed a small, clothed being floating in the air. I swung the club towards it as fast as I could, but the tip only went through it. It opened it’s eyes – yellow, glowing orbs – looking at me disapprovingly.

“I could kill you right this second if you haven’t been chosen, young one,” it said, its English perfectly formed, though its mouth could as well have been a beak. “We don’t have much time. I suggest you drop that dangerous weapon and come with me.”

“Go with you? Are you out of your mind? I don’t even know what you are,” I screamed. Although going with it might result in the profound change I wanted, my basic instincts proved to make me set up arms. “What are you doing in my room? What is happening?”

“Why do I always have to burden myself with you petty humans? I am Zeel, and I serve as the escort to accompany the chosen one to make haste for battle. The situation is as follows: Because the universe consists of innumerable dimensions, one warrior of each dimension is chosen to aid the others when war has sprung. When the portal to your dimension opens, it is signified by an earthquake, like the one you felt yesterday. We can’t explain why it happens; it just does.”

“Are you telling me that every time an earthquake happens, the chosen one gets escorted away? All of these years of reported travesty caused by quakes and this is the truth? Why me? I mean, I am fourteen years old. Look . . . oh. No, I’ve aged. Have you anything to do with this?”

“Yes. The warriors aren’t chosen by random means. The universe itself chooses a suitable candidate, and seemed to have fancied you this time round. Of course, since you were too young to join in battle, the universe aged you to an appropriate age as to ensure unlocking all of your capabilities, such as muscle strength.”

“Wha- What about my parents? Will they be okay?”

“They will never see you again . . . unfortunately. Let us go, young one, time is stretching thin. Perhaps,” sigh “for my sake, this change will age your mind, as well, and stop these incessant questions.”

“Hey, no fair . . .”


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