Gilded Moon


As the gilded moon rises to meet the heavens,

and the waves disperse across the shore,

I look to the stars and make my wish,

for you to be here ever more.


As the gilded moon glides across the void,

and the waves retreat back to haven,

I feel a tear trod down my cheek,

and I feel my heart start to cave in.


As the gilded moon turns its blind eye,

towards the waves rushing to the edge,

I feel how my heart skips a beat,

as I wrap my mind around our pledge.


As my gilded heart beats ever faster,

I see you by the light of the moon.

As the waves crash behind your stature,

I knew you’d come to me soon.


The gilded moon slowly descends the sky,

as the waves dilute to nothing.

Finally, I feel my arms take you in;

finally, I took hold of something.


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