Fray – Recovery

Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you.Baby Finish

It is with great difficulty that I share this picture, let alone look at it. This was the love of my life, Lucky Luke . . . I chose this picture because cat flu left this little darling frayed. He survived the illness, of course 🙂 So, this is my contribution to the weekly challenge. 



14 thoughts on “Fray – Recovery

  1. ah so very cute,,,yes is a drag i know the feelin have outlived so many animals an humans in life now,,, is what it is,, god bless peace out ,,waz a kewl lewkin pup 🙂 namaste’ 2 u frum da Q

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  3. Very cute pup. I’m glad you saw him thru the sickness. It’s terrible to feel so helpless, isn’t it? We recently lost our dear old cat here in England. Even though it was expected, it still is heartbreaking, isn’t it? All the best to you. Hugs.

    • Thank you very much . . . 🙂 It really is terrible to feel helpless, and not knowing what is going to happen. But he was strong, loved and just wanted to live. That is what pulled ME through. Even though he was weak, he never left my side, and he always wanted to play . . . I’m gonna cry soon, so I’ll stop here 🙂 Thank you for visiting my post! hugs

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