If there is beauty, there is denial.

If there is change, then there is fear.

If there is love in different shapes and forms, there is unfair dismissal.

I’ve seen yearning in slanted eyes as much as I’ve heard it in countless lies; ridicules; phantom comparisons. Walls have been built to keep Enemy out, yet in such doing, also to keep allies help build a stronger fort. I have seen blinkers fastened to faces with lips drawn downwards, eyes wide and pupils dilated, keeping pace with a one-track life.

I’ve heard numerous comments about badly written literature where the Bigger Picture is lost on grammatical errors – thus annulling a good, innocent, disarming story into something far worse.

There is more than just black or white. There is a whole spectrum of colour, including GREY. Grey is a lovely colour, and a colour I’d love to dwell on – if that’s okay with the neighbours, of course. God forbid I step out of line and cause an apocalypse to rain down on their perfect little monochromatic life. However, even colours are limited. There is no comparison to convey the enormity of how open a mind can be. Infinitum?

In spite of myself, I feel angry. I feel hurt. I FEEL, and I feel a lot. I feel and see unhappiness everywhere, and it’s like corrosive acid thrown in my face every time. I am saddened that everyone tend to be masochistic liars. Clearly, with my beliefs to what life should be like in sheer contrast to the norm, I have no say. Majority speaks. I will have to accept this defeat if I choose not to listen.

As a selfish creature as much the same as the rest of humankind, I can live with the decision of being happy – and utterly alone. Like a ghost. Happiness is my greatest goal, even if I have to shun my kind in order to be so.

Even though I’m a ghost, I allow beauty, the idea of Love, camaraderie, smiles and kind words to fill me up. I allow it to fill me with buoyancy even though the world is a murderous cesspool lined with flawless silver.


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