DP: Never Again

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.


I had a favourite person in the world. Emphasis on the ‘had’.

We’ve been together three years. The relationship we shared was the most sacred thing in this world, as I’m sure any love is to anyone else. And I can truthfully say that leaving his side for even a moment was heartbreaking. We did everything together: Shopping, work, travel, even bathing. For three years.

So after that time I somehow grew more distant even though I still couldn’t leave his side. Physically he had to be there, emotionally I still loved him, but it became harder for me to express. He grew distant in his own way, became angry, and we decided to break up. It’s been more than four years since and I’ve never seen nor spoken to him again.

So even one day was more time spent away from him in a continuous three years.

After that I’ve never had a favourite person again. Too strenuous. 🙂


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