DP: We’ll all survive.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


I’ve grown up without a computer. I’ve only known how to work a computer in the later stage of high school. I’ve never progressed further than the most basic details after discovering a keyboard and Microsoft Word. After that, I knew everything I needed to keep me happy.

As writing is all I do on a computer, and the occasional web search, of course, I have no other need for it. Even pen an paper had me content as a child and young adult. I won’t say it will be easy reverting back from what I’ve known for ten years, yet change is always as good as opening a new book. Just think about those who published books and stories without the use of computers. It might have been more exciting then as opposed to the copy and paste we know today. Challenge before plain sailing.

I think we all need that change to bring life back into perspective.



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