Today had me . . .

. . . cooking again.


Or, well, had me throwing things together making me think that I’m doing an awesome job. It’s already started to get hot this side, enough to give me an all-time high (just love the summer), and tomorrow will have me in the pool than anywhere else, really. Can’t wait for the first rains. Summer is the appointed recuperation season after a dreadful winter. Or whatever it is we just had!

Made a beef salad, and with that cheese sausages and buttered buns. Something light and simple, and summery. At first, I wanted to try something vegetarian, but without rice or pasta, as well. Did not happen. I asked a lady at the store what I could make with the sausages and beef. Nothing happened and I thought I was screwed. But eventually she had the idea of a salad, sans pine-apple, of course.


If anyone has any ideas or links to recipes that contain no meat, no rice or no pasta, that would be appreciated 😉