Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge



Do not let this cute face fool you! This was right after a walk, which he enjoyed immensely, to my great surprise. This dog (I call him Barto), is the saddest creature I have ever met. Yes, sad, as in sulking, depressed little hairball. Except when breakfast and dinner is served, of course. Except when a fly buzzes too close to his face, he would bark like mad. He barks at everything that moves, whether it be a person or just some leaves scurrying in the wind. Perhaps some rebellion. I guess this doggy was a stray before he came to live with the family I share a house with. When I talk to him he would look me in the eye, and never shy away, which is fantastic considering he’s smarter than me, perhaps, given his moods and attentiveness. Love him to bits 😀

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge




Only sometimes does she live up to her name. This is her usual spot, on top of the sofa, if she’s not following me everywhere since I’m the only one home during the mornings, looking for whatever it is cats sometimes want. And does she choose most inopportune moments to be rubbing against my feet. Not that she would like me to give her food, for there is plenty, but something, something one just cannot figure out! She is an accomplice to the trio slipping onto my bed, undetected, when I’m still in it. Then again, there is no greater joy than waking up in the morning with those three pinning me to the bed. She likes her space, and the other two doggies know that just well enough to give her some. Except, it’s my bed, so when I move, she moves. Not on her own accord, no, hell, but I have to push her; she will only relent to that, otherwise she’ll stay where she is. No highway option. Oh, and those toys. Does she love to play with it from time to time, making a mess on the living room floor, leaving it for us slaves to pick up after her highness. How could we say no???

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Luda (Loodah)


The gentlest soul you will ever come across – inside the yard!! Having been recently spayed, this girl is still recovering from her operation. We were a little surprised when the vet told us she was overweight, though to us she looked like a hunk of meat and muscle. There is one cupboard in the kitchen completely dedicated to the animals’ snacks and tin food, but since the operation, we placed all the dogs on some kind of diet, no meat whatsoever, but a snack two times a week, at least. I had a walk with her today, it was amazing, seeing her attentive to her surroundings while investigating everything there is to investigate. It’s the first time I’ve seen her with her tongue almost hanging to the ground in excitement. I’m still a little scared of people that might walk by, but I thought I handled her quite well for our first walk, and there are a lot of other complaining dogs in the neighborhood she probably wanted to have a quarrel with. In addition, garden services parked along the street, of course, eying us dubiously from their respective trucks. She wanted to quarrel with them, too. I avoided that successfully. Tomorrow I’ll be walking with her again, and the two others for the shameless Dachshund cried his eyes out and screamed bloody murder. Luda has two pet names, Ludels (Loodels), and Luds (Loods), for when she’s particularly cute and handsome, which is always. Love this dog to pieces 😉



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Restaurant Doggies


Can’t remember their names


Though these dogs are a welcome sight to a local riverside Restaurant, Stone Haven


They never beg, though their demeanor also suggests that ‘when we walk by, it’s expected of you to share the food, thank you very much’


Big lump of a dog with his sidekick, they really are the delight. I took these photos with my phone, so it’s not the best quality



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


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Must admit, I considered myself superman brave when I took this picture. My heart was racing, my palms was sweating and I thought I’d faint. Thing is, I suffer from arachnophobia, or I thought I did, or I still do, I’m not really looking to test the theory, but since I’ve done some research on spiders with friends, and read a lot of interesting facts about them, I’ve come to respect them in lots of regards. So, since then, I’ve been meaning to become friends with them, yet it proves a little difficult. Nothing to overcome a fear than facing it and let happen what happens.  Overall,  they are extremely beautiful creatures, yet creepy. My take on beauty overcomes all other fears.


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge



Meet Killer, a friend of mine’s Dachshund, as crafty as he is cute. Usually jumps into my bed after said friend has left for work, and snoozes against my legs until it’s time for me to leave my cave 🙂 One of his quirks are, whenever I go to the shop nearby, taking me fifteen minutes to get things done and get home, he would whimper and cry, and as I walk around the house to enter (we never use the front door except on weekends), he would nip at my feet or shoelaces, so as to make me stop and pet him, and ask him for forgiveness for leaving him for such an intolerable amount of time. Dogs, as all animals, for that matter, are awesome. Gonna love this weekly challenges . . . 😉