Favim.com-3295Wet again. Like a dog.

Arrived at work like that, shaking my fur this way and that. Fun and funny as hell. The guys at work just laughed at me, and I do like to make people laugh, even with something as mundane as arriving at work looking like something just out of the washing machine. My manager dumped the storage keys into my hand and ordered me to fetch dry clothes. All I found was this neat Tecnifibre shirt and no pants, but the great thing with my gym shorts is that it doesn’t stay wet for long, even if drenched. Either way, got a really cool shirt. The thing that flares my ticker is that I usually put some time into my hair, wearing it short and disorderly, the just-out-of-bed look, even though the bicycle and influx of air messes it up even more. On the contrary, the rain just let it stick to my head and makes me look like Moe Howard on that classic comedy, the Three Stooges. So I had to grin and bear it, quickly rush my way to the restroom to see what damage has been done to my untidy hair. As strange as that sounds…. Oh yeah, I had to take my headphones off too, for I believe that electronics exposed to water might just kill me, or paralyze me, or send a portal to another world my way, or whatever bullshit I tend to think about when I stop to put them in my backpack. Grin and bear it. I hate to be on the bike without music. It’s like taking a toy away from a toddler. I like the rhythm, like the beat, like the meaning it brings me. I recently got this urge to listen to rave/techno/trance music. Downloading songs like crazy and even made a playlist, although it consists of songs only dating from the 90’s downwards. Guess it’ll just fade like any other interest I pick up along the way just to shed it like snake skin. I never really had any interests that kept me busy for too long. Except writing and reading. And eating. And sleeping. I’m like a hermit that suffers from ADD, just without the vegetable garden in the backyard and total dissociation from humankind. I’d like to be.

Otherwise it really is a great day today. There is no sun although it’s not cold, everything around me is as wet as can be, the trees still shedding fine drops of rain onto the ground, streets patched up with reflection, slightly cool breezes hacking the heat away into nonexistence. It’s quiet, as well. I like the quiet. Like Sunday afternoon, the ladies of the house and me went swimming, out of bold rebellion probably, in all our clothes; Ma drinking her wine, Sis drinking her beer and me with a lovely brandy. The day was quiet. No cars driving past, no birds, just the sloshing sound of water we made trying to imitate professional swimmers; our shouting and laughing as we tried to dunk each other. Self generated noise as opposed to other makes the difference, of course. Casting away the week’s lows with just enjoying the moment with someone who’s company you adore. Come to think of it, I still owe them that big vetkoek I promised them. Come to think of it even a little more, I still owe something to a very special lady. Embarrassing as it is, with my not so great memory and all…..

I really do hope it rains again tonight. I’ll just wrap a plastic bag over my head for the headphones. I’ll rather suffocate to death than not listen to music on the way home. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Boere maak planne. I don’t own a raincoat. Where is the fun in that??

That is all… 🙂