Disco Language (Feel Good)


I wanna try something. Put your earphones on to drown all other noise to really capture the quality of the sound while you read this. As long as the bass heats up your energy and makes you want to move that feet. Now, try to read each word in conjunction to the rhythm of the song. I tried it yesterday . . . 😉

Lights, disco, dance floor hits,

ecstasy, drinks, disco hips,

eyes, legs, drunken bits,

bass, drums, full red lips.

Space, hands, dance floor sway,

tongues, flow, its disco way,

young, old, straight or gay,

dance, skip, dark of day.

Feeling, time, dance floor spark,

momentum, slides, disco stark,

mix, ground, nightlife lark,

spinning, kissing, thrashing dark.

Trance, chest, dance floor jam,

flames, arms, disco man,

hearts, joined, electric glam,

tribe, life, language can.

Fantasy, craze, dance floor crave,

club, hot, disco fave,

sex, EDM, souls for rave,

morning, hypno, sunlight brave.

Wear, tear, dance floor end,

lights, dim, disco end,

hands, linked, body’s end,

home, trend, disco friend.



landscapes valley fantasy art artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_94

Placid waters silent still,

encased in panes of sunshine,

through which I see slow-moving lands,

riddled with knolls hollowed by time.

Tumultuous sounds deafened by my own,

hooves and laughter and blacksmith clangs;

puritanic dismissals meets frail subsistence,

and still I’m running, running into mighty pangs.

Unbroken ground slithers under feet,

though the world seems ever constant,

I try to run from all I see,

though everything follows in an instant.

I accelerate my pace to an abundant extreme,

my heart the one to wander,

of water and landscapes and creatures and else,

until you’re dragged asunder.